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MICHELLE CREBER is a singer-songwriter with eight albums to her credit; a fan-base covering six continents; incredible performance skills; and a powerful voice, in more ways than one. 

Rooted in AC with pop and rock influence, Michelle’s music is making a positive difference in the world, and in the lives of her listeners. She has a unique writing style paired with clever lyrics and emotional depth. Described as relatable, honest, and inspiring, Michelle’s songs expand far past the basic themes we so often hear, and explore some of life’s most important questions. She feels strongly about standing up for the underdog, challenging the status quo, tackling injustices, and fighting for the freedom of self-expression. Michelle is also a passionate advocate for mental health and is proud to be an ambassador for Kids Help Phone, Canada. 

In 2020, Michelle released her seventh album, Storm, to great industry acclaim. The album sold and streamed in over 130 countries and earned top-100 placement on the US and Canadian Billboard charts. Michelle’s other albums include On Display (2018, top-100 US Billboard charts); Timeless: Songs of a Century (classic covers); A Creber Christmas (Volumes 1 & 2); and three albums with YouTube star and performing partner Gabriel Brown (aka Black Gryph0n): At Home, Tribute and their best-selling Getting Stronger.

​Michelle is a dynamic and exciting performer, with a compelling stage presence and a wealth of experience that defies her young age. Since releasing her first album, she has performed her music in concerts throughout North America, Europe, Asia & Australia. With a dedicated and enthusiastic fanbase, Michelle’s music is enjoyed by people of all ages. A versatile performer, Michelle can headline a rock concert one night and a soft-seater orchestra concert the next.

​In addition to writing and performing her own songs, Michelle is an accomplished session singer who has recorded soundtrack vocals for many TV shows and movies. Lead singing features include the theme song for NBC’s Nina’s World; several songs during nine seasons of the hit animated series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Discovery Family); multiple songs on Nintendo’s popular franchise Yo-Kai Watch & Netflix's Johnny Test; singing for Alice on Martha Speaks (PBS); three Hasbro My Little Pony albums; an onscreen feature performance for the Hallmark movie Smart Cookies; and a soundtrack duet with Billy Joel for the movie Just the Way You Are. Other companies who have hired Michelle as a singer include Disney, Cartoon Network, Teletoon, Sony BMG Music, Lionsgate & Warner Bros.


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A sampling of YouTube comments on Michelle’s original songs…

Literally one verse in I was crying. This is so beautiful. I needed this, you have no idea. So many people need this, especially in this day and age. Thank you. Thank you.

This song has lifted me up in one of my darkest moments. Thank you, Michelle.

You are a superhero to me. You don’t need a cape, the inspiration and happiness you give me and thousands of others is more than enough. Thx for this…

I love SO many of your songs. I always adore any song with a true deep message. This one really touches my heart, and makes my hopes skyrocket. Thank You!

I know in the future when something bad happens and I feel down about myself, I will turn to this song. It makes me think of how I can overcome any obstacle in my way. It’s beautiful.

A wonderful song and a fantastic message. I always appreciate the positive vibes that come from your music, and the reminder that there are always fresh starts and new opportunities.

Your music and songs will always inspire me to never give up.

Thank you for this. I feel lifted and positive. My days have been difficult nowadays so you have no idea how a song and message like this helped. I have read the bottom message on the description and I haven’t been letting in any daylight and sunshine. I will try that. Thank you.

Thank you for this song, it saved me from my darkest hour. After listening to this song, it calmed me down, thank you, just thank you.

I just want to say that this song seriously means so much to me. I find every single lyric relatible in every way. For years I’ve always been stuck in this situation, and this song just puts it all into words perfectly. Keep up the outstanding work, Michelle.