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STORM is an album about self-reflection, perseverance and accepting, but ultimately letting go of the negatives in our lives. Michelle’s hope is that this music will initiate healing, whatever people are going through: a bad breakup, lack of self-esteem, feelings of giving up, anxiety, losing a friend etc. These songs should mean whatever each individual wants them to mean as a storm can represent each human emotion in a different form. Whether it be anger, sadness, joy, despair, love, regret, frustration or confusion, a storm is powerful and cannot be controlled. However, those who fight to find inner strength, peace, and happiness, learn to wait out the weather until it settles. They learn to find humour in the imperfections and even start to appreciate every storm that life throws at them. After all, the best time to appreciate a sunny day is after a year of rain! 



1. Storm  /  2. Electricity  /  3. Like It Never Happened  /  4. Lighthouse  /  5. False Empire  /  6. I Built You a Sandcastle  /  7. Welcome to Reality  /  8. Let Me In  /  9. Carry On  /  10. So Nice  /  11. Crossroads

STORM album

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