I Built You A Sandcastle (music video)

Written by: Michelle Creber

I built you a sandcastle
One night in July
It might have been summer then
But unlike the skies, you had lost your light and

I wanted to fix things
Find some kind of structure
Clouded eyes, you sat there as I gathered the sand
Then that wave washed it back

I made you a paper airplane
Claimed I was the pilot
That I could fly you anywhere
But you were so damn scared
You tied yourself to the runway
A speckle on the concrete and

I wanted to fix things
Find what you were missing
Clouded eyes, you sat there as I flew out of sight
Still waiting on my descent

What happened
Where did you go
My old friend
I’m on the lookout
But I’m not sure
If there’s anything more I can do

I thought I could fix things
Find something that’d lift you
I tried but you never really wanted to change

I made you a paper airplane
You chose to stay
I built you a sandcastle
It washed away



Words & music by Michelle Creber (SOCAN)
Produced by Fred Mollin
Vocals arranged by Michelle Creber
Lead & background vocals by Michelle Creber
Piano, organ & synth by Pat Coil
Drums & percussion by Lonnie Wilson
Bass by Larry Paxton
Electric guitar by Kerry Marx
Acoustic guitar by John Willis
Recorded by Dave Salley at Sound Emporium (asst by Zaq Reynolds) & Zoomar South Studios
Mixed & edited by Dave Salley at The Fort House
Project management by Monique Creber


Video produced by Moonshake Media
Directed & filmed by David Brigden
Lighting by Duane Woods
Editing by David Brigden & Michelle Creber
Coordination & additional editing by Monique Creber
Produced in partnership with SR Foxley

Special thanks to:
Michelle’s Patreon patrons

This video was funded by FACTOR – The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (with support from Canada’s Private Radio Broadcasters) & made possible in part by the Government of Canada.